The DKE Coaching:

Organized by Goodwinds co-owner and Windsurf Olympian Karla Barrera-Morstad, the DKE event will offer a variety of programs and activities that cater to different levels of kitesurf experience – from private lessons for beginners to advanced clinics that include wave riding, foil boarding, freestyle kite surfing and more. The co-owner of Goodwinds and Woo’s Highest Jump World Record breaker, Phil Morstad, will lead the kitesurf portion of the event and Goodwind’s team of 8 professional kitesurf instructors.

Beginner Lessons:

  Our lesson program suggests the abilities and technical knowledge that a kitesurfer should have to safely and effectively pass to the next level. The lesson levels serve as a guide for what a lesson should be like. However, since people have different sports backgrounds and experience, we go at the speed of each student. Thus, for the Dorado Kite Experience, students who are not yet independent or staying upwind consistently, will be receiving one to one instruction.

Advanced Group Coaching, Demos and Clinics:

For the DKE Participants who are independent riders (staying upwind consistently), we will be offering customized group lessons and clinics.  Prior to the participants arrival, the Goodwinds team will assess the level of experience of each participant in order to customize the clinics and divide the students in groups. Also, the advanced group will be able to join the epic Cofresi Downwinder, which will be a memorable 15 mile downwinder from San Juan to Dorado.
Among some of the advanced techniques you can learn with Goodwinds at the DKE:
  • Learning to jump.
  • Jumping higher and landing softer
  • Rotations: backloops, frontloops
  • Raileys, board-offs, kite loops and/or handle passes
  • Wave riding
  • Foil Board riding